Michigan published guidance for Licensed Safety Compliance Facilities (SCF).  The guidance sets forth the regulatory requirements for testing medical marijuana for safety and potency including moisture content and water content, chemical residue, heavy medals, residual solvents, and microbial and mycotoxin screening by using required safety tests and limits.

The guidance indicates that SCF’s must ensure that the following items are in place in order to meet the regulator’s expectations for medical marijuana testing:

  • Be in good standing with a third party accrediting party (ISO 17025)

  • Internal operating procedures that minimize imprecision and bias and lists chronological steps that ensure a consistent and repeatable method including 

    • Sampling procedures to ensure the proper collection, clear labeling, proper preservation, careful transportation and storage of samples by trained personnel for laboratory analyses. 

    • Collection procedures that cover sampling methodology, equipment and supplies, records and documentation, testing process, and demonstration of capability

    • Initial documented training of staff

    • Audits of field activities

Michigan’s revised Safety Compliance Facility Information (August 17, 2018)

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