The staff of the Alaskan Marijuana Control Board recommended the following changes to existing rules.

  • Handler Permits:  Amend the rules to clarify that licensees must obtain handler permits.  Currently, 60 of the 400 licensees need handler permits.

  • Handler Permits Fees:  Adopt a rule to impose a $50 handler permit renewal fee.

  • Ownership Change Effective Date:  Amend the rules to require applicants in a proposed ownership change to establish the following prior to the ownership change becoming effective:

    •  proposed licensee must complete a background check;

    •  establish that proposed licensee is a resident of Alaska, and 

    • proposed licensee is not restricted from holding the license by holding a different type of license.

  • Metrc Rules: Amend the rules to clarify that licensees must follow the instructions provided by Metrc for proper use of the tracking system.

  • Operating Plan & Inspections:   Adopt a rule clarifying that licensees must operate in accordance with an approved operating plan.  The rules will also indicate that inspections will include any location, on or off the licensed premises, that where business operations approved by the board occur.

  • Sample jars:  Amend rules to extend cultivators sampling requirements to retailers showing samples to consumers. 

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