The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission published two draft rules on Friday.   The draft rules  outline the requirements for licensed medical marijuana dispensaries, and permit the colocation of medical marijuana and adult use licensees including cultivation, product manufacturing or retail (“CMO”).  The draft medical marijuana regulations establish the requirements for the licensing and operation of medical marijuana dispensaries. The draft CMO regulations cover the operations of a shared premises, and requires the CMO to appoint a registered agent who will need to be registered under the medical marijuana regulations and the adult use regulations in order to provide services to both licensees.  Under the draft regulations, CMOs are subject to three additional application requirements including the submission of an inventory plan for entering inventory into seed-to-sale such that the adult use products remain separate from medical marijuana, a proposed transportation plan, and a plan for maintaining records including tax records for adult use products.  The draft CMO regulations, among other things, also cover training, advertising, packaging and labeling, transfer, sale, liability insurance, transportation and security requirements.  A link to both draft regulations is provided below.

Colocation Regulation

Medical Use of Marijuana

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