The Michigan House introduced bill No. 6330 to amend the Industrial Hemp Research and Development Act. The bill will provide the Department of Agricultural and Rural Development with the authority to establish an industrial hemp licensing program. The amendments provide the Department with significant oversight authority including access, seizure and destruction authority.  Unless emergency relief is granted, it will take time for the program to get up and running as the Department must adopt rules to implement including more onerous parts of the Act such as reporting and testing requirements.

he Act will require persons, other than a college or university, to apply for a license to grow, process, handle, broker or market industrial hemp. The application requirements are similar to other states such as Delaware in that they require a GPS coordinates of where the industrial hemp is grown, stored or handled, and a research plan must be submitted for growing industrial hemp. The Act differs from other states in that the Department of Agriculture will collect a sample from each crop pre, and possibly post, harvest to perform a THC test. The grower must harvest or destroy the crop within 15 days of the collection of the pre-harvest sample, or the Department of Agriculture can order a second pre-harvest sample. The state will also rely on reporting rather than utilizing a seed-to-sale tracking system. The amendments propose to establish an advisory board that will include, among others, representatives for hemp grain, fiber or seed growers,  hemp grain or fiber process handlers, hemp phytocannabinoid growers, and hemp phytocannabinoid process handlers. 

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