Massachusetts Issues Seed-to-Sale Guidance

Yesterday, Massachusetts issued guidance on seed-to-sale that is intended to help firms entering inventory of plants and packages into Massachusetts’ seed-to-sale inventory system, Metrc. The guidance also instructs firms on how to enter initial inventories into the system.

Metrc classifies plants as either immature, vegetative or flowering. Firms should initially enter strain specific plants into the system as immature, and immediately move them to their corresponding growth phase. Harvested marijuana that is being dried and cured should be entered into Metrc as packages. Accurate and timely data entry into Metrc through the planting, growth, harvesting, packaging, testing and sales phases is imperative to avoid regulatory scrutiny and the risk of harvest destruction.

Firms should document their processes throughout the Metrc reporting cycle to ensure that proper controls exist for an accurate daily reconciliation, and secondary checks exist to identify problems that can help mitigate losses. Employees should review this documentation and receive effective training on the firm’s processes, the controls and Metrc.

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