Notice for Oregon Marijuana Licensees: Review Surveillance Cameras: 2 More Enforcement Actions

Oregon marijuana licensees should take notice of the recent cluster of enforcement actions brought by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission for surveillance camera violations. Licensees should review procedures, and surveillance settings to ensure compliance with all video recording requirements including coverage of mandated areas, 24 hour continuous recording and on site record retention for a minimum of 90 days.

The Commission’s brought two (2) additional enforcement actions against Coastal Growers and Strong Roots Farm this month for surveillance camera violations, which is in addition to the five (5) actions settled last month. The enforcement actions address violations for (i) failing to keep surveillance recordings, except for back-up off-site recordings of the surveillance area, for a minimum of 90 days; and (ii) failing to record areas continuously 24 hours a day mandated coverage areas including where marijuana plants are present and all entries / exits from the places where marijuana plants are present.

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