California Bans THC and CBD Infused Alcohol: Blue Moon THC Line OK?

California’s Governor signed a new law that prohibits an entity holding a liquor license from manufacturing, selling or offering of an alcoholic beverage that contains THC or CBD . The new law also prohibits marijuana dispensaries from offering alcoholic beverages infused with cannabis or cannabis products, even if derived from hemp. California banned cannabis infused alcohol due to the lack of research on the physical effects of combining alcohol and cannabis.

The sale of Blue Moon’s proposed THC line of infused non-alcoholic beer by marijuana dispensaries should be ok if it contains at least one-half of 1 percent or more of alcohol by volume. Bars and restaurants will still not be able to offer this beverage under the new law.

California’s new law is a narrower than a similar bill that has been introduced in Michigan. The Michigan bill appears to prohibit the manufacturing, sale and possession of THC or CBD infused alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer.


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