Michigan Mandates Shut Down of Temporary Marijuana Operations On October 31st

Michigan has issued new emergency regulations that allow temporary marijuana businesses that are seeking a license to operate until October 31, 2018. The emergency rules require temporary marijuana operations to cease operations on October 31st if a municipality has not authorized it to operate pursuant to an adopted local ordinance, or is in the process of adopting a local ordinance.

Marijuana facilities that receive a state operating license will have a 30 day transition period to record the beginning marijuana product inventory in the seed-to-sale tracking system, test the product prior to sending to dispensaries, and for untested inventory, dispensaries must obtain a certification from the patient or primary caregiver that the product has not been tested.

Michigan adopted the new emergency rules after a Michigan judge issued an injunction that prevented the state from closing 98 temporary marijuana operations pursuant to a transition notice that the state issued on September 11, 2018.

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