Washington Revokes Marijuana Grower’s License and Seizes Marijuana Products

Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) will seek to permanently revoke The Sunshine Tiki Hut’s license for violating various regulations including potential diversion of marijuana into the black market. The WSLCB also seized 1,309 marijuana plants, 213.5 lbs. marijuana flower and 5,644 grams of extracted marijuana oil.

The WSLCB Enforcement group performed a site inspection after receiving a complaint from the Hoquiam Police Department. The WSLCB observed marijuana plants and products that did not have an id tag that allows regulators to track the marijuana from the time it is planted through its sale. The real time view into the marijuana inventory levels allows regulators to determine whether licensees are following the rules such as paying taxes.

The Sunshine Tiki Hut also failed to inform the WSLB of additional storage facilities that contained three freezers where the WSLCB found untagged marijuana. An RV vehicle was also found on the premisses it appeared was being used as a residence, which is prohibited under the WSLCB regulations.

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