Washington Seeks to Revoke Marijuana Grower License – 2nd in October

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) suspended Emerald City Industries grow license for six months as it seeks a permanent revocation. Given the seriousness of the violations, the WSLCB, along with state and local police, seized 4,618 marijuana plants, and 300 pounds of marijuana flowers.

The WSLCB issued the order following a site check that uncovered numerous violations of state law including the existence of untagged plants, clones and finished product. The untagged plants are evidence of diversionary activity that can lead to the sale of marijuana products in the black market. An unlicensed person was in charge of operations, and Emerald City Industries was unable to provide the WSLCB with any business records or video surveillance recordings, even through the video recorders were working. Emerald City Industries also converted portion of the premises into an illegal residence.

This is the fifth emergency suspension order that Washington has issued in 2018. The facts in this are very similar to the October 3rd suspension of Sunshine Tiki Hut’s license, which involved the presence of untagged plants and unauthorized modifications to the premises for residential purposes .

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