California Opens Final 15 Day Written Only Comment Period on Permanent #Cannabis Rules

California regulators opened a 15 day period written comment period on new draft versions of the permanent cannabis rules. Interest persons may only respond to the changes to the draft permanent cannabis rules since the last public comment period, as reflected in the posted redlined versions. Written comments must be submitted by November 5th at 5:00pm.

Industry members have one more shot to help the regulators craft a framework that is cost efficient and offers adequate consumer and regulatory protections. Once approved, the regulations will be difficult to change. Following the 15 day comment period, the rules will be sent to the Office of Administrative Law for Legal review; after which, the rules will be adopted and become effective.

The published amendments appear to be in response to recent legislative changes as well as comments received during the 45-day public rulemaking process. Highlights of recent amendments to the proposed permanent rules include:

  • The addition of clarifying language to the definition of a licensee “owner” and “financial interest”;

  • The implementation of regulatory language and requirements for temporary marijuana events;

  • Standards and requirements for testing laboratories; and

  • Changes to food health and safety requirements for the manufacturing of food and food products, and reference to California’s food and health safety code.

California Rulemaking Process

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