Washington State Revokes 2 Cannabis Licenses for Black Market Activity

The Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) immediately suspended North Coast Concentrates cannabis licenses on November 2, 2018 after discovering untraceable cannabis product and text messages indicating that the product was to be sold on the black market. The WSLCB is seeking a permanent revocation of the licenses.

During a traffic stop, Lower Elwha police discovered that an employee of North Coast Concentrates was, without a shipping manifest, transporting cannabis products including 112 grams of concentrates that was traceable through the Washington seed-to-sale system, and a large amount of dried flower cannabis that was not traceable. The employee’s text messages showed that North Coast Concentrates was aware that the cannabis products were being diverted for sale on the black market. The police discovered after an investigation that the cannabis flower originated from the licensee’s grow operation, and a retailer had returned the concentrate to North Coast Concentrates a few weeks earlier. Upon serving the suspension notice, police seized an additional 556 pounds of dried cannabis flowers, 24 lbs. of cannabis oil and 204 plants from two locations.