Oregon Regulators Will Discuss Rule Changes Today: Medical Marijuana Purchase Limits, Surveillance Camera Fines, and Marijuana Genetics

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) will meet with the public today at 10am to review proposed rule changes that are required to implement the 2018 state legislation, and to incorporate lessons learned over the past year. Highlights of the proposed changes include:

  • Medical Marijuana Purchase Limits: Medical marijuana patients would be allowed to purchase 4 oz of medical marijuana a day and a total of 24 oz a month. The OLCC performed an emergency rulemaking over the summer, and reduced the sales limit to match adult use marijuana after the OLCC detected large purchases that appeared to be possible diversion. The OLCC held a public meeting on the appropriate purchase limit, and is open to taking additional comments.

  • Surveillance Cameras: The OLCC has brought numerous actions against licensees for failing to retain surveillance recordings. The proposed amendment will implement a tiered penalty structure based on the total of days and amount of missing footage. Currently, the fee structure fails to provide the appropriate level of deterrent effect.

  • Marijuana Genetics: Producers can apply to bring new strains of marijuana into the regulated market including seeds, plants, and tissue.

The OLCC will accept comments on the proposed rulemaking until November 30, 2018.