Oregon: OLCC May Cancel 41 Grow Licenses for Surveillance Camera and Inventory Tracking Violations

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) announced that it conducted an enforcement inspection of 354 legal outdoor growers during the fall harvest, which was named “Operation Good Harvest”. The inspections occurred from September through early November 2018, with a particular focus on southern Oregon. The OLCC used the harvest notifications submitted by growers to schedule the the inspections. The majority of growers (73%) passed the inspection with no violations. However, 41 growers, 22 in Medford alone, could lose their licenses due to compliance issues. Common violations included:

  • Surveillance Cameras: Surveillance cameras did not work, cover the appropriate areas or continuously record;

  • Inventory Tracking: The information in the inventory tracking system did not match the plants on the premises, and growers failed to provide notification about harvests; and

  • Alterations to Premises: Unapproved alterations to the premises including security and alarm issues.

The OLCC has faced challenges ensuring that licensees continuously record operations and retain the surveillance tapes. The OLCC recently proposed a rule that would increase the fines for surveillance camera violations. Cancelling licenses for surveillance compliance violations may provide the teeth needed for licensees to comply.


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