Oregon Cancels Cannabis License for Regulatory Violations Discovered After Burglary

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) recommended the cancellation of Greenway Venture’s cannabis license after an OLCC visited following a reported burglary on February 2, 2018. An employee of Greenway Venture’s also failed to promptly provide local law officials with evidence related to the burglary. The OLCC discovered many regulatory violations including the

  • inaccurate entry of cannabis inventory;

  • failure to adequately securely store cannabis product;

  • failure to ensure that surveillance cameras captured all areas

  • lack of a security system that could detect an unauthorized entry;

  • failure to capture the date and time on surveillance recordings;

  • failure to notify the OLCC of a system outage greater than 30 minutes; and

  • substantial alteration of licensed premises.

As a part of the stipulated settlement, Greenway Ventures must surrender 21 totes of cannabis to the OLCC for destruction. Greenway Ventures has until March 30, 2019 to surrender its license or transfer ownership in the license.

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