Nevada: Las Vegas to Hold Public Meeting on Monday to Hear Comments on Proposed Social Use Venue Law

At today’s planning commission meeting, the Las Vegas City Council will re-consider a proposal to permit cannabis social use venues in the city . Under current law, consumption of cannabis products must occur within a personal residence. The ordinance would provide a venue for persons to socially consume marijuana. The city expects to issue no more than 10 licenses in the near future. Las Vegas expects to make $50,000 from registration fees in the first year. The proposed ordinance is similar to the social consumption licenses offered in Denver, Colorado that allows persons to bring their own cannabis to a venue for consumption.

The proposed Bill No. 2018-61 would permit a registrant open an establishment where people can socially use marijuana and purchase beer or wine. The social venue may not sell, provide or distribute cannabis products. Nor can the social venue store marijuana products. If alcohol is sold, the proposed bill limits the sale to alcoholic beverages with less than 11% alcohol, the alcohol must be pre-mixed and in its original container.

Las Vegas has also scheduled a meeting on Monday, January 14, 2019 to hear public comments on the proposed ordinance. Interested parties should attend and provide feedback on the city’s plan.

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