Denver to Review Changes to Cannabis Social Consumption Rules

The Denver City Council will review the cannabis social consumption pilot program and repeal the sunset date during a meeting on January 28, 2019. Denver adopted the social consumption rules in July 2017. Under the rules, persons can apply for a permit to operate a cannabis consumption establishment or a cannabis consumption special event license. A cannabis consumption establishment can designate an area where cannabis can be consumed; whereas the cannabis special event license permits a designated area for consumption for up to 10 days in one year. The original rule included a December 31, 2020 sunset date. The proposed legislation will repeal this sunset date.

During the meeting, the City Council will also review a presentation on the distance requirements for marijuana social consumption areas. The presentation analyzes the availability of new areas that would be available if the city lowered the buffering zones from 1000 feet to 500 feet. The presentation indicates that the availability of new sites will not be significantly impacted by a decrease in the buffer zone requirements.

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