South Carolina Legislature Introduces 3 Medical Marijuana Bills

The South Carolina Legislature introduced 3 bills to implement a medical marijuana program. The South Carolina Compassionate Care Act appears to be the leading legislation with both a house and senate version. The Act would require the Department of Health and Environmental Control to implement a regulatory framework for the medical marijuana program including the registration of cultivation centers, processors, dispensaries and independent testing facilities.

Information regarding the three medical marijuana bills is provided below.

  • S 366 / H 3660 – South Carolina Compassionate Care Act

    • Qualifying conditions must be debilitating but includes conditions for which an opioid is currently or could be prescribed to tread

    • Limits on medical marijuana businesses including:

      • 15 cultivation center licenses

      • 30 processing licenses

      • 1 dispensary license for every 20 pharmacies

      • 5 independent testing licenses

    • Requires facilities to be open within 18 months of the law’s effective date

  • H 3272 – Put Patients First Act

    • Qualifying conditions must be debilitating but includes severe pain

    • Patients and caregivers can grow up to six plants

    • Children may qualify with the diagnosis of two doctors that the condition is debilitating and can be treated with medical marijuana

    • Dispensaries may grow, process, package, sell and deliver medical marijuana products

  • S 0366 – Medical Use of Marijuana Act

    • Qualifying conditions are limited and must be severely debilitating or life threatening

    • A single dose is limited to 10mg THC

    • Medical marijuana products must be approved by the Department

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