Cannabis Regulatory Meeting Tracker 02/04/2019: Ten (10) Meetings in California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Massachusetts and Washington

There are ten (10) cannabis regulatory meetings being held today in California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Massachusetts and Washington The Hawaii Legislature will be busy holding public meetings on legalizing hemp, decriminalizing marijuana and operating a motor vehicle while impaired by marijuana. Links to the meeting details and agendas are provided below.

California: City of San Francisco: Ordinance to Convert Medical Dispensary to Cannabis Retail Uses
Connecticut Legislature: Public Health: SB 45 Adding Opioid Use Disorder As Condition for Marijuana
Florida Senate: Health Policy Committee: SB 182: Smoking Marijuana for Medical Use
Hawaii Legislature: Committee on Transportation: SB 641 Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated
Hawaii Legislature: Committee on Agriculture and Environment: Legalizing Hemp
Hawaii Legislature: Committee on Judiciary: HB 1383 Decriminalize Marijuana Offenses
Massachusetts: City of Deerfield: Special Permit: Cannabis Cultivation, Manufacturing, and Retail Sales
Washington Legislature: Labor: SB 5599 Expanding Opportunities for Marijuana Businesses
Washington State Legislature: Senate Labor and Commerce: SB 5234 Excise Tax for Medical Marijuana Washington State Legislature: Ways: SB 5482 Funding of Medical Marijuana Authorization Database

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