Cannabis Regulatory Meeting Tracker 02/14/2019: 16 Meetings Today in Connecticut, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Washington

There are sixteen (16) meetings today in Connecticut, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Washington. Links to the meeting details and agendas are provided below.

Connecticut Legislature: Subject Matter Public Hearing: H.B. No. 5152 An Act Concerning a Study to Determine a Way to Detect When a Driver is Under the Influence of Marijuana
California: City of Clearlake: Adopt Procedures for the Issuance, Appeals and of Administrative Citations
California: City of Los Angeles: Department of Cannabis Regulation
California: Lake County Planning Commission: Major Use Permit: Cannabis Cultivation License
California: Mendocino County Zoning Administrator: Use Permit: Cannabis Cultivation
California: Town of Ross: Amend Code: Delivery of Cannabis Products by a Cannabis Retailer
California: City of Sacramento Planning and Design Commission: Cannabis Dispensary
California: City of Stockton: Adopt Ordinance to Cannabis Regulatory Program
California: City of Stockton: Use Permit Amendment for Cannabis Dispensary
Colorado: City of Parachute: Special Use Review: Multi-Tenant Buildings for Retail Cultivation Facilities
Massachusetts: Cannabis Advisory Board
Massachusetts: Northbridge Zoning Board of Appeals: Variance Application: Marijuana Distribution Business
Michigan: City of Detroit: Medical Marihuana Facilities
Washington: Law & Justice: SB 5605 – Concerning misdemeanor marijuana offense convictions.
Washington Legislature: Public Safety:    HB 1626 – Making the authority of the liquor and cannabis board to enforce state laws concerning liquor, marijuana

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