Washington Bill Allows Social Cannabis Consumption at Lounges, Farms and Day Spas

The Washington Legislature introduced a bill, HB1945, that creates a permit for social consumption lounges, allows farms in a rural area to directly sell marijuana to clients, and it adds marijuana consumption to existing permits such as the day spa permit. The Washington bill is in line with the national trend of legalizing social cannabis consumption in ways that resemble the alcohol industry.

Under the bill, retailers may obtain a social consumption lounge permit that allows customers to consume and smoke cannabis in an area that is physically separated from the retail store. Alcohol and cigarettes are not allowed to be sold or used in the cannabis lounge.

The bill also allows cannabis producers to establish a winery-like operation at which cannabis products may be sampled and directly sold to consumers. The cannabis farm must be at least ten (10) miles from the closest retailer, and has a plant canopy of 15,000 feet or less.

Finally, the bill expands existing permits that allow the servicing of beer or wine, such as the day spa permit, to allow infused marijuana consumption. HB1945 continues the cannabis industries’ transition into alcohol-like market that allows for curated experiences such as social consumption and niche offerings.

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