Michigan Destroys Cannabis Vape Cartridges Containing Lead and Other Heavy Metals

The Michigan Bureau of Marijuana Regulation has issued a warning that vape users are inhaling lead and other heavy metals that are leaking from e-cigarette heating coils. The BMR stated that ceramic vape cartridges do not appear to raise the same health issues. The regulators located and destroyed the contaminated products being sold in the state.

Michigan cites a study on the dangers of e-cigarettes conducted by the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The study indicates that chronic use of a contaminated e-cigarette can cause lung, liver, immune, cardiovascular and brain damage. The study tested the e-cigarette devices of 56 daily users, including the e-liquid and aerosol, for heavy metals. Researchers found heavy metals in aerosol produced by e-liquid heated through coils. Almost half of the samples contained lead concentrations that were higher than the health standards issued by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The BMR has encouraged dispensaries to test vape cartridges for heavy metals. Michigan customers may also get vape cartridges tested by going to a licensed cannabis testing facility.

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