Missouri and Oklahoma Cities Adopt Business Friendly Medical Marijuana Rules

Missouri and Oklahoma cities are embracing medical marijuana, and adopting business-friendly ordinances. Oklahoma has quickly expanded its medical marijuana program, and generated over $12 million in sales in March. Missouri is also planning for a big rollout as Governor Parson allocated $3 million to the medical marijuana program. To date, the state received over 481 pre-filed license applications and fees totaling $3,470,000. Licenses will be formally accepted on August 3, 2019.

Our data shows that, since the beginning of March, at least 25 cities in these states discussed allowing medical marijuana or have adopted an ordinance. The growth in the number of cities considering medical marijuana is noticeable and encouraging for the industry overall. Unlike cities on the East and West Coasts, the ordinances are generally simple, offer low fees, no caps on licenses and fewer operating requirements. These business friendly towns offer a license opportunity at a lower cost and regulatory risk.

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