Colorado Legislature Passes Marijuana Delivery Bill

The Colorado Legislature passed a bill that will allow medical and recreational marijuana stores to deliver marijuana to customer’s homes. The state will begin issuing medical marijuana delivery permits on January 2, 2020, and retail marijuana delivery permits on January 2, 2021. The bill allows stores to deliver of marijuana to a customer’ private residence so long as the customer resides in a city where a majority of voters agreed to permit delivery.

Local municipalities may prohibit the delivery of marijuana within their jurisdiction. The permit expires one year from the grant if the applicant is unable to find a local jurisdiction that will permit the activity. The marijuana retailer is required to charge a $1 surcharge for each delivery that is to be submitted on a monthly basis to the city where the retail store is located for law enforcement activities.

The bill also authorizes the creation of a distribution facility where marijuana may be centrally stored and delivered to other businesses. The license is valid for two years but cannot be transferred with a change in ownership.