Bill Requiring California Cities to Permit Cannabis Stores Pulled From Consideration

California Assembly Member Ting pulled a controversial cannabis bill from consideration last week. The bill would have increased the number of cannabis dispensaries in the state by requiring each municipality where the majority of local electorate voted for Proposition 64 to permit one cannabis license for every four liquor licenses.

The legislation was intended to eradicate the black market by ensuring that California residents had access to a robust legal cannabis market. This is significant goal given that the THC REGS database for California shows that over 42% of cities prohibit cannabis altogether.

The League of California Cities opposed the bill indicating that it eroded a city’s ability to govern the type of cannabis business activity that occurred within its borders, which is contrary to the intent of Proposition 64. California cities banded together by submitting letters in opposition to the preemption of local control over these businesses and the arbitrary 1 for 4 license requirements.

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