Only 766,200 More Signatures Needed to Make it Legal in Florida

The Make It Legal Florida organization filed a petition in Florida to legalize recreational marijuana. Organizers will need 766,200 signatures to place the petition on the state’s 2020 election ballot. If the goal is reached, Florida voters will be able to determine whether the state’s constitution should be amended to legalize adult-use marijuana possession and use.

The Adult Use of Marijuana ballot petition is direct and simple. The proposal would allow medical marijuana treatment centers to carry and sell adult-use products. The only restrictions contained in the petition are that (1) marijuana be clearly labeled and in childproof packaging, and (2) marijuana products are not marketed to persons under the age of 21. The ballot petition fails to require that products sold in the state be tested prior to sale or tracked to prevent diversion.

The move to legalize adult-use marijuana is not surprising. The state currently has 350,624 medical marijuana patients enrolled in the state’s program, and a total of 155 dispensing locations. Florida medical marijuana program is currently in limbo as the state’s courts found that the vertically integrated requirements and license caps were unconstitutional. The executive branch has requested a review of the decision.

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