Iowa to Review New Medical Condition Petitions

The Iowa Office of Medical Cannabidiol will meet on November 1, 2019 to consider expanding its medical cannabis program by approving four new conditions. The conditions include PTSD, Intellectual Ability with Aggression and / or Self-Injury, Opioid Dependency and Alzheimer’s disease.

The state’s current qualifying conditions for medical cannabis include serious illnesses including cancer, seizures, and untreatable pain. Iowa has two (2) processing facilities and five (5) medical dispensaries. The new medical conditions may expand the program, which has just over 3,800 patients and 639 caregivers.

Links to the petitions can be found below.

  1. PTSD

  2. Intellectual Ability (ID) with Aggression and/or Self-Injury

  3. Opioid Dependency, Tolerance, & Use Disorder

  4. Alzheimer’s Disease

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