Texas is Accepting Applications for Medical Dispensaries

Yee-haw! Texas is onboard! Texas is accepting applications for cannabis dispensing businesses through November 1, 2019. Demand for low-THC cannabis products is expected to increase due to a 2019 law that added qualifying medical conditions under the compassionate use program and increased the number of doctors who can provide patients with prescriptions.

 First, a little history. In late 2015, the Texas Public Safety Commission (PSC) implemented the Compassionate Use Program Administrative program. The PSC adopted administrative rules for the program in March 2017. Of the initial 43 applications for dispensing organization licenses submitted, three were conditionally approved in May 2017. Qualified physicians were given the opportunity to register under the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas (CURT). As a result of CURT, prescriptions for low-THC cannabis products could be filled (as the product became available).

 So, what does it take to obtain a license to dispense in the Lone Star State? Well…this is a merit-based application process, as we have seen become widely popular across the US. It is in-depth and will require attention to detail to prevail. Here is the breakdown: 

20% Property aspects, Operating Procedures, Worker Safety, Staffing, Testing Lab. 

20% Tracking of Product, Floor Plans, Diversion Plan, Emergency Plan, Inventory Control, Recordkeeping Procedure, Vehicle Tracking Plan, Vehicle Security. 

10% Proof of Financial Ability (Including Pro Forma and Budgets).

20% Proof of Technical and Technological Ability.

20% Proof of Infrastructure (Maps, Floor Plans, HIPAA Procedure, Vehicles, Communication Systems).

10% Cover Letter (Experience)

 The fun continues with these important aspects.

1. Proper business formation and good standing status;

2. Registration applications for all directors, managers, and employees;

3. Proof of general liability insurance coverage;

4. Application payment $7,356.

Lastly, TX requires a full Compassionate Use Program Application. The fun never stops.

Applications are due November 1, 2019. Contact us with questions or if you are interested in submitting an application.

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