Perris, CA Considering a Members-Only Cannabis Resort

Perris, CA will hold a joint meeting of the city council and planning commission tomorrow to discuss whether to allow a cannabis resort and lounge in the city. Holistic Inc. proposes to establish a true seed-to-sale cannabis resort if the city passes the necessary rules. Holistic believes that Perris is an ideal setting given its proximity to cannabis events such as the SoCal Fair. 

Under the proposal, only cannabis stores that have been operating in the city for more than a year can develop a cannabis resort. Eligible applicants are limited as the city stopped accepting retail applications In 2018. The proposal further limits developers to “true” seed-to-sale operators, which is defined as those businesses that hold cultivation, manufacture, distribution and dispensing licenses.

The proposed cannabis resort would offer a private membership to a wide range of health and personal services including lodging or glamping. On-site cultivation and consumption lounges would provide public use areas. Members also receive access to on-site restaurants, the pool and spa, and exercise facilities. 

The evolution of the cannabis tourism industry makes the resort concept a good idea. The market will be tested on whether people will pay a membership fee to use cannabis regularly in a public setting. If Perris decides to move forward, the city should consider expanding the process to the larger cannabis industry. A project like this requires a long commitment. Limiting development to one or two industry players could create a captive market that lacks the competition needed to offer the best in class services.